Moving Out

21/22 Move-Out Days:
School: May 2nd, 2022
Full: July 30th, 2022

22/23 Move-Out Days:
School: May 1st, 2023
Full: July 21st, 2023

Before Move-Out

1 Utilities & Mail

  • Contact Consumers Energy (electric) at 1-800-477-5050 and DTE Energy (gas) at 1-800-477-4747 to arrange your final billing once your lease ends. 

  • NOTE: These utilities are based off usage and the billing is delayed a month, meaning the bills you receive are for the previous month's usage. Therefore, you are likely to receive your last month's bill after you have moved out. 

  • It is very important to fill out of a change of address form and send it to the post office, or at, Your mail will be returned to sender(s) if this form is not submitted to the post office. 

2 Cleaning Your Unit

  • All rooms in the apartment are to be left clean and floor vacuumed.

  • In the bathroom this includes: 

    • the sink

    •  toilet

    •  tub

    •  vanity

    •  medicine cabinet

  • Do not leave any discarded items (including food) in the apartment. Failure to clean your apartment may result in a $250 removal/cleaning charge.

  • In the kitchen, this includes:

    • the sink

    •  stove

    •  oven

    •  refrigerator

    •  cabinets

    •  drawers​​

3 Move Out 

  • You must completely move out of your apartment by 12:00 noon on your scheduled move-out date.

  • If you have signed for the same unit for the 2022/2023 school year and do not have a lease for the summer, you can leave your furniture and other belongings in the apartment free of charge, but you MUST return your keys and fob to the office. Your keys will be re-issued to you on the next move-in day.

4 Keys 

  • Keys must be returned to the office by 12:00 noon on move-out day. Any keys not returned permit a $50 charge per key, as your lease states. 

  • To return keys: please place your room key, apartment key, mail key, and key fob in a sealed envelope (available in study lounge next to rent drop-box) with your name, complex, and apartment # clearly marked on the front. Then, turn them into the office or place them in the rent drop-box after hours as long as it is before 12:00 noon on your move-out day.

5 Inspection & Damages 

  • An inventory check out will be conducted of your apartment. If there are damages/charges, an itemized list of damages will be sent via email to all residents in the apartment. 

  • All tenants are held jointly and severally responsible for all damages. The itemized list of damages are to be discussed and decided between roommates regarding who owes what for each damage. The total charge will be posted on the Apartment Charges page on the Tenant Portal House Account and each tenant is responsible for knowing and paying the amount of their share of the damages. 

  • Please call the office with any questions or concerns you may have, 616-466-7844. 

*The last person to leave should lock the apartment!